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Creative Direction & Design 

Bisha Hotel & Residences

A luxury destination that bends the rules.

A boutique luxury hotel and private residence that transcends conceived ideas of how one should live. It caters to the ambitious, the nonconformist, and those who thrive on adventure in all manifestations. Conceived by Charles Khabouth, Bisha is the culmination and manifestation of his expertise. A maverick and influencer, Khabouth has established an unprecedented benchmark for hospitality and redefined lifestyle and culture. Unparalleled service, luxurious design, and unrivalled entertainment provide an atmosphere that is beyond compare.

Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Graphic System
Brand Collateral

Design: Sebastian Rodriguez Besa, Robert Hasselbacher, Alec Donovan
Photography: Maxime Bocken
Interior Design: Studio Munge

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