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Creative Direction & Design

︎︎︎ 2017

A brand new place to call home.

Beginning with research that uncovered the history, social and cultural context for the project, we were able to paint a clear picture of what the feeling of the development could and should be. This picture aligns the brand, the programming, the built environment, and the experience around a shared signal. Dockside is the place where two distinct experiences–the urban and the natural getaway–can intersect. The idea of a casual, inspired, lively and effortless place that has the amenities and sophistication of urban living combined with the easy and shared immersion in nature are what shape the branding for this place. A stylized expression of the sun rising and setting over the dock, the exaggerated ‘O’ forms the foundation of the Dockside identity, and gives the brand a modern take that’s all its own.


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