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Creative Direction & Design 

Global Running Day

A global celebration of running and community.

Running is an invitation. It belongs to no one and everyone. No one teaches us how to run. There’s no right way to do it. No choreography. It’s pure movement. A mirror that reflects us back to us. It’s a blank canvas that we fill. An inherent partnership between us, our bodies, our minds (and whoever we see along the way). Running—and the feelings that come with it—are a personal invitation we choose to accept, the second we pull on our gear and head out the door. This global campaign is a giant invitation: to run, to run on Global Running Day, and to feel running differently. Our campaign visuals are designed to capture the essential qualities of running with a nod to the unique expression and individuality found within the sport.

Senior Art Director

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Graphic System
Web & Digital

Photography: Andre L. Perry (NYC), Zach Hetrick (NYC), Adam Corbett (LDN)
Video: Wavelength
Director: Zack McTee
Editor: Tom Hohle
Design: Karim Kadi, Sasha Valgardsson, Lauren Foot, Dina Maani, Kristine Nilan
Copywriting: Arrabelle Stavroff, Kim Budziak, Suzanne Gardynik, Jessica Liew
Ambassadors: Charlie Dark, Sanchia Legister, Colleen Quigley, Patrick Pressgrove, Coffey
Production: Sarah Buell

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