Creative Direction & Design

Seawheeze is lululemon’s flagship 1/2 marathon experience in Vancouver, BC. A bespoke graphic identity was developed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the event. In 2022 the whole world was forced to pivot which offerered an opportunity to stretch the way we express ourselves in the digital and social space. The identity is based on thermal identities—speaking to a constant state of transformation and progression: from resting to active, from IRL to virtual, and from current to future.
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Graphic System
Web & Digital

Photography: Geoffrey Knott
Design: Cam Dales, Sasha Valgardsson, Nicole Fratesi
Copywriting: Arrabelle Stavroff, Kim Budziak, Mike Berard
Styling: Hilary Russell, Courtney Cho, Heji Rashdi
Ambassadors: Patrick Pressgrove, Iman Wilkerson, Mona Lavinia Garcia
Animation: Gimmick
A creative practice at the intersection of design, movement, and culture.