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Creative Direction & Design 

lululemon Running ‘22

Running is an act of discovery.

Campaign creative setting the tone for lululemon’s 2022 run collection. From the accomplishment of physical effort to the strength of mental fitness, feeling is found every step of the way. The gear we choose to run in—lightweight and barely-there or supportive and held-in—becomes a catalyst to discovering and rediscovering those feelings, physical and emotional. We worked with Mau Diaz, Global Run Ambassador, in Mexico City to curate an experience allowing runners to (re)discover their home city on foot. We documented all the real-time experiences that unfolded as they took on CDMX.

Senior Art Director

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Graphic System

Photography: Zach Hetrick
Design: Sasha Valgardsson, Brian Tong, Clare Chow, Dan Choi
Copywriting: Arrabelle Stavroff, Kim Budziak, Suzanne Gardynik
Styling: Hilary Russell, Courtney Cho, Heji Rashdi
Production: Christine Nairne, Valesca Francois, Kindly Productions, The Lift (CDMX)

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