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The Beverly Center

The Beverly Center

Bruce Mau Design

The Beverly Center is shopping mall in Los Angeles, California, featuring an array of luxury, contemporary and fast fashion retailers. The shopping destination is undergoing a spectacular transformation, which features a complete renovation of the property, new singular views of the city, new skylights and new cultural offerings such as restaurants, a chef-driven food hall, exclusive events and fresh retailers sprouting up across 2018 and beyond.

To unveil and celebrate their new multi-faceted shopping experience, BMD was approached by the center to help with the re-branding and campaign roll-out. Taking visual inspiration from the building’s physical transformations and LA’s sunny disposition, the brand identity alludes to the visitor’s revitalized shopping experience. The wordmark features bold type with wide, airy kerning as a nod to the mall’s new atmospheric interior adorned with natural light. 

LA’s curious spirit and playful charisma fueled the photography style, which uses bright colors and inviting crops to channel west coast culture for locals and travelers alike. Guidelines ensure campaign creative reflects the confident and curated brand ethos of The New Beverly Center as shops, restaurants and views come into fruition.

By branding the mission and not the building, BMD developed an identity that captures the creative spirit of LA - an identity that can evolve alongside The Beverly Center as it redefines what it means to experience LA your own way.

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